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Ethnic Products - English, Chinese, Spanish, Polish  
At Bonollo's, our knowledgable and professional sales associates have over 100 years combined experience. We specialize in providing quality service for ethnic products whether you speak English, Spanish, Chinese, or Polish, we have a sales rep. that can work with you to ensure that your order fits your exact specifications. We offer a complete line of Beef, Produce, Fresh Chicken, Pork, Lamb & Veal, Deli, Cheeses, Dairy, and various other products such as paper products and cleaning supplies.  
Ask one of our multi-lingual Sales Representatives for more information on our Ethnic Products  
1-800-753-3880 (Out of state only)​
Richard Fura (Polish) - Extension #133
Chaofang Yuan (Chinese) - Extension #125
Jose Gonzalez (Spanish) - Extension #122
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